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why do we call them “college aus” when we could be calling them “alternate universities”

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Wow I’m really sad about rubbish teen family again

especially their argument in Radiant Garden, which on first viewing I found really hard to parse — why is everyone talking around their concerns? Why are they all mad suddenly? Why are they not communicating?

But on reviewing and in retrospect, it gets a lot more comprehensible to me - not just “because if everyone in this game shared information and got a better image of what was going on, they might have headed off the entire series plot, whoops” - but also as character interactions and development. Because the thing is, all three of them are both failing and talking and failing at listening, but they’re doing it in different ways.

[Cut because I talk forever always.]

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Classes and Their Tragic Flaws

Based on a discussion I had with Felirecently.

Knights - try too hard
Seers - are blind to their own faults
Princes - have martyr complexes
Thieves - don’t know their limits
Pages - ignore what makes them uncomfortable
Witches - ???
Heirs - ???
Rogues - ???
Mages - ???
Bards - ???
Maids - ???
Sylphs - ???

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kat you always write the most gorgeous things about fictional characters and this time it was about riku oh no and I can’t actually handle how good your words are please never ever cease

Oh wow I’m pretty sure I just felt my heart tear a little bit

This is a really good Riku essay, and I agree with a lot of it.

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Breath, Blood, and the Flow of Reality


Breath is the aspect of freedom, quest, direction, delivery, frivolity and detachment. Blood is the other side of its coin, its complement, governing bonds, promises, responsibility, combined will and worldly ties. Where Breath is flight, Blood is shackles.

As the dichotomy concerning the way paths unite or twist away through reality, both of these aspects are incredibly powerful, and important for ultimate victory over Lord English. Below the cut, we’ll go into the evidence and potential for both aspects, and the actual or theoretical heroes thereof.

Starting with a look at John Egbert, the Heir of Breath… the most effective character so far at leveraging his role over existence, even before he ascended!

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rebloggable by request.

and here’s that other post i made that i talked about, where i basically said this would happen.

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Anonymous asked: Any thoughts on the deep plunge into metafictional waters in the most recent homestuck updates? I’ve read plenty of theorizing, but no literary perspective on the intermission so far.

(rebloggable by request; apologies for double posting)

I don’t know if I can exactly give a literary perspective, but I must admit I’ve been sitting over here by myself having quiet metagasms ever since Caliborn resurfaced.

What we have here is the most complicated evolution yet of Andrew Hussie’s Villain Problem.

Andrew Hussie has decided to cast himself as the villain of the story he is telling. Not only does he engage in classic villainous tropes - plotting the demise of the heroes, gloating and cackling when he ‘kills’ them - but he only engages with other villains. To my knowledge, Hussie (the character, who is distinct from Andrew Hussie the author) has never yet had any direct interaction with an unambiguously ‘light side’ character: he’s never talked to John, or Jade, or Karkat. He’s dressed up as Lord English, played nursemaid to Spades Slick, and broken into Doc Scratch’s study. He’s obsessed with Vriska, who while not exactly a villain is certainly the troll who did the most overall damage to the good guys’ efforts; he’s also chatted to Meenah (who’s the Condesce) and Cronus (who’s a douche). The only alpha troll who can access his exposition booth is Damara, who we all know is bad news. The more dark side a character you are, the more likely you are to have direct dealings with Hussie. In other words, he’s the Devil. He even wears horns.

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some nice thoughts! i hadn’t noticed that hussie only talked to villainous or dark gray characters, that’s a really good observation.

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What Bugged me about Kingdom Hearts 3D (spoiler alert for pretty much all KH games that have come out in America)

Now, don’t get me wrong. Kingdom Hearts is my life, and I love all the games and the way they’re all interconnected in the grand plot, almost Shakespearean. And I loved 3D too, it’s just that there were some aspects that I didn’t like.

Just to get it out of the way, the new flowmotion mechanic is, as some friends of mine would put it, “Broken.” it’s overpowering, and takes some of the element of challenge out of the game. I’m not sure if the game developers even noticed that all you need is a wall to get as high as you want, It can be used to basically circumvent taking the path they want you to not be able to. Why bother waiting until you have super jump or doubleflight, or sometimes even glide when you can get pretty much anywhere given adequate surroundings?

Flowmotion out of the way, the main thing that bugged me is that practically the entire game is a fan-service. A very nice and somewhat enjoyable fan-service, but a fan-service nonetheless. 

The Spirit Dream eaters are an example of this. Kingdom Hearts has some great things going for it in the past games, they didn’t need to turn it into cutsie Pokemon nintendogs wannabe. And maybe I’m just dumb, but they really didn’t go into that much depth about what you’re supposed to do with them. I mean, what’s the point of having affinity, or the different dispositions, and what’s up with link points, are they the same as the points that you can only get when you and your dream eater attack an enemy at the same time, and are they all just different aspects of the same mechanic or what and ugh. And by the way, whose bright Idea was it to only have access to a fraction of the game’s abilities based on what you have on your party? If they wanna put a cap on your abilities, just go back to the AP system, I think that was a lovely way of keeping the main character from being overpowered. Maybe It’s just because I have a Y chromosome, but I think that the fact that you have to “bond with your new pets” (which are probably going to get replaced the second their last ability is unlocked) to progress in your growth is… well,… kinda cheesy. (although, given the choice between the two, I’d take spirits over a deck of cards any day. ugh. chain of memories *shudder*)

But that’s not even the biggest thing they do to pander to the wrong audience. What really bugs me is Riku. Seriously, the whole time I was thinking “Riku, GTFO my game!.” And having him sleeveless? tell me that wasn’t a sell-out to the Riku fangirls. I never liked Riku. In Kingdom Hearts I he was a douche, In Kingdom Hearts II he was on an overly dramatic self-pity trip (like a teenager: “GASP! I have a pimple? OH MY GOD MY LIFE IS OVER I’LL NEVER FACE SOCIETY AGAIN I JUST NEED TO DIE IN A HOLE AHHHH I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO WALLOW IN!). Oh, and in 358/2 days he was a jerk, on a self-pity trip, and the main antagonist of the game all at once! and all of the sudden, you have him doing the final main boss fights? To save Sora’s ass? Are you kidding me? The guy who struggled and failed against the darkness for most of the game series, and who’s struggle wasn’t even justified by protecting a friend in immediate danger (Terra), is now the main protaganist over Sora, in a game series that revolves around Sora?…. eew. 

That’s the other thing. I don’t like how Riku overshadows Sora so much in this game. Of course there have been games in which Sora is not the main character, but those are the games which don’t give you the false impression that he’ll be a playable plot character throught most of the game. Does anybody really go into Birth by Sleep expecting a story in which the main character is a four year old Sora who’s not really supposed to know or do anything important until ten years later? No! people go in expecting to find out how Terra Aqua and Ven’s story pretains to Sora’s! Riku should not have been more important character than Sora. Forgive me if I’m a little upset that He’s all of the sudden trying to save Sora’s life after all that work he put into being a half-baked hero and a really great  villain in the previous games. I’m sorry, but it’s going to take a little more than a few lines of apology or remorse to redeem him in my eyes.Riku cannot simply pull a Severus Snape. With all this, you can imagine my frustration when Yen Sid declares Riku the True Keyblade Master. Um  I’m sorry but who is the one who sealed the door to the dark realm and brought back the worlds? Who is the one who wields the Kingdom Key? Who is the one who has three other Keyblade weilders’ Hearts and their four Keyblades dormant inside his Heart? Who is the one who sacrificed himself for Kairi?  Who is the one who Knew that Kingdom Hearts was Light before Riku even started working on getting that cute little “most improved” certificate? Who is the one who The Keyblade ended up being loyal to after a five minute digression? Who is the one who is prophesied to be the savior of all the innocents lost to the darkness? Who is the one who Aqua knew, right off the bat, would be saving the other’s behind and keeping him on the straight and narrow? Read my lips: Sora. Is. The. One. True. Keyblade. Master. Xheanort I can understand making a mistake, he’s the villan, he recognized sheer power, it’s understandable that he would mistakenly assume that Sora was the Keyblade’s second choice after Riku. but Yen Sid? there was a reason Eraqus didn’t make Terra a master, and retrospectively a pretty damn good one! I get that getting a bad grade up is more difficult than maintaining a good grade, but I’m not entirely sure that’s what Riku has been doing. You don’t make up for past wrongs by going on a self-pity trip and beating yourself up over it, you do it by making things right, and so far the only rights he’s made are doing the only dirty job that had to be done for Sora to wake up, (which is slightly morally questionable) and mysteriously dropping the occasional obscure hint throughout Kingdom Hearts II. Besides, Riku had the power of the keyblade passed to him from Terra after about a five second character evaluation on Terra’s part, (not to mention Terra wasn’t exactly in the bast place in his life at that point). This in mind, Sora has a keyblade not because it “moved on to second best.” Sora was Chosen by the Keyblade itself, he was recognized for the stregnth, courage, and purity of his heart. This is basically the equivalent of Riku getting through on Daddy’s money while Sora actually gets by on hard work and talent.

So, If you ask me, Sora is far more qualified to be the True Keyblade master than Riku. For me, the Game series has always been about Sora. I mean, it’s not like JK Rowling would suddenly make Ron the main character in the harry potter series. It bugs me that Riku was made a master rather than Sora. I may have even settled for Riku being made master if Sora was too, but he wasn’t, and Yen Sid really never gave a good reason as to why Sora didn’t pass. Yeah, sure he was captured by the Organization, but Yen Sid admitted that that was a shortcoming on his part, not Sora’s. 

The last thing I’d like to mention doesn’t bother me so much as the Riku/Sora nonsense. It’s that Lea gets a Keyblade. It seems like nowadays, they’re just handing out Keyblade’s like they’re going out of style. Does anyone else remember the shock and awe in Kingdom Hearts I when they introduced a second Keyblade (The heart-one that dark Riku used). But I guess it’s acceptable. After all, now there’s a fire-keyblader to go complete the Earth/Water/Air set of BbS (Let the Avatar jokes commence!). It could be perceived as another move that’s just pandering to the fangirls, but at least it’s not as excessive and fits the story more than the whole Riku thing.

And that’s what bugged me about Kingdom Hearts 3D. I’m not saying it was a terrible game, I really enjoyed it. I just think that there were a few areas in which they could have done better. If you take issue with any of the things I’ve said, feel free to reply and I’d be more than happy to get into a Debate over KH as long as it’s not a caps-lock insult contest.

Did I really just write all that?…. Damn I’m lonely.

Ahahahaha, someone clearly has no grasp on character dynamics, character arcs, or character development! Though, honestly, you didn’t mention aaaaanything about Chain of Memories, and I think that’s your biggest folly. Have you even read a transcript from it? 

That’s where Riku’s arc begins. ie; His arc to redemption. 

It begins as soon as Namine speaks to him through Kairi and tells him to use both the Light and Darkness because that will make him strong. Because, see—Riku’s goal is to protect the people that are most important to him. You seem to have played through Birth By Sleep! I’m not sure how you missed that, especially since Terra chose to pass the Keyblade to Riku because his heart was pure and full of Light—those same things that you seem to favor in Sora! 

Riku messed up big time in KH1. At the end, he realizes the error of his ways, protects Kairi from being hurt by keeping Xehanort’s Heartless at bay by sheer force of will (and still assuming we played the same Birth By Sleep) which is incredibly hard to do. Incredibly hard as in not even Terra—someone who was trained to be a Keyblade Master for a long time—was able to do it. 

So not only did he find out he’d done bad things, was doing dirty work for the wrong team—which he only did to find Kairi, by the way? You seem to have glossed over this. Sora sacrificed himself for Kairi, yeah, okay, but he wasn’t the only one. Riku sacrificed everything he had to help find Kairi and help her wake up because he believed she was the only friend he had left and he needed to protect her. She was precious to him as Sora had been. Him being a jerk? How the heck would you behave around someone who you believed just abandoned you for a ~new crew~? His actions are definitely not in any way excusable, but there is a reason behind “muahahaha he is the slotted rival character” (note: not a villain character. That was Xehanort’s Heartless. But you knew that already, you played through KH1! it’s like Pokemon. Ash is to Sora as Gary is to Riku. Team Rocket is the Xehanort gang.) 

And as for KH2, where are you getting this pity party thing from? I’m innately curious! Let me pull out the KH2 transcript. 

Riku: C’mon, Sora. You’ve got to pull it together. (Teasingly encouraging, I’d say.)

Sora: I looked everywhere for you!

Riku: I didn’t want you to find me. (Not spoken with a deep sadness, but matter of fact.)

Goofy: But it was him that was helpin’ us, wasn’t it?

Donald: Huh?

Goofy: Those clues we kept finding. That musta been Riku.

Riku: I was starting to worry you guys weren’t ever gonna catch on. Sora never did pick the brightest friends. (Teasing, again!

Cutting out a few lines later from Sora & co: 

Riku: I told you. I didn’t want to be found. Not like this…

(He looks at himself)

Riku: I couldn’t. I fought with Ansem. With…Xehanort’s Heartless—-when it invaded my heart, and I won. But to use the power of darkness, I had to become Ansem myself. (Self-pity? No. Guilt. He is guilty that he went over to the other side, that he let himself be turned against his friends—who he’s supposed to be protecting as per his personal goal—and ashamed that he has to take the face of someone who is an enemy, who stole his body before, to be of use.)

Riku generally acts as a source of background knowledge, giving a few lines every now and then. There is, however, a flashback to where he fights Roxas that I always have to bring up when people state that he’s a jerk in Days/does nothing to advance the plot.

Riku: All right. You’ve left me with no other choice. 

Roxas: What?

Riku: I have to release the power in my heart—

(He stands up)

Riku: The dark power that I’ve been holding back.

(He takes off his blindfold and lets it fall to the ground)

Riku: Even… if it changes me forever.

“No other choice”, “even if it changes me forever”? Riku doesn’t willingly want this to happen, to himself or Roxas. It’s stated in Days that time is running out and they (DiZ, Namine and Riku) are running out of options to wake Sora up. Riku is backed into a corner and has no choice but to acquire Roxas without any explanation. It’s not like he’s cackling evilly in his corner in the Haunted Mansion, plotting Roxas’ misery. He is the main antagonist, but you also have to note how Days is presented. It’s from the “bad guy” side. The Organization, from Chain of Memories to Kingdom Hearts II, are regarded as the big bads (even if Axel, Roxas, and Xion are in there—and they’re anomalies in themselves). Even then, this series blends the good guys and the bad guys together so many times it’s hard to designate a side to both. It’s like when people rewrite a fairy tale so you hear it from the Big Bad Wolf’s side and Red Riding Hood is the evil scary person in it, though it’s far more reasonable. Roxas and Riku were both in the wrong and in the right. 

Riku: I had given in to the darkness.

Sora: Riku!

Riku: How’m I gonna face everyone? 

Is this what you’re talking about, re: pity party? You think he’s trying to get sympathy from Sora because he gave into the darkness and caused their world to crumble? You don’t think there’s any way Riku could actually feel bad about that stupid, stupid plan? 

Come on. He doesn’t think he can go back and face all those people he pretty much sent to their deaths, and then goes to ask Sora how he can. I see no pity party, I see a kid feeling guilty and then asking his best friend how he can right his wrongs. 

Riku: What I said back there…about thinking I was better at stuff than you… To tell you the truth, Sora… I was jealous of you.

Sora: What for?

Riku: I wished I could live life the way you do. Just following my heart.

Still not seeing that pity party you’re talking about. Oh no, Riku wishes he could be a little more like Sora? Sounds like sappy friendship talk. 

And that’s pretty much the end of it. Please, tell me where he’s throwing a pity party. Because I seriously see nothing. 

Bypassing all of that, Sora isn’t perfect, and he holds the Keyblade after Riku because of Ven. Not because of his cute little pure heart and friendship rainbows. Sora earns the right to his Keyblade on his own terms, just like Riku earns his Keyblade after he turned back to the Light. 

And lastly: 

The exam was a closed event. That’s obvious. Yen Sid said that he’d be assessing their abilities during the exam, that they had to forget what they’d learned and learn again, none of their prior experiences up to that point had any bearing on that exam. All of Sora’s great deeds were great. Yep, pretty great for a kiddo. 

Doesn’t matter. 

The Xehanorts still had it out for him while he was taking the exam. He wasn’t able to circumvent their plan, and most of all: he wasn’t able to go it alone. Sora falls really short when he’s all by himself, and this was a test on just him—he works best with a team, ie Donald and Goofy. You can’t tell me that he’d be able to do everything he did through all those games without Donald and Goofy helping him around the way. (Well, you can, but I’d call you a bold-faced liar.) This is the reason why he’s not cut out to be a Keyblade Master! He just can’t cut it by himself. In Chain of Memories, he needs Donald and Goofy to set him straight in how it’s weird that he’s obsessive about Namine! In that game, you see just how bad Sora can get when he’s alone. 

Riku, on the other hand, has been alone for all his journey. He knows how to handle himself, he knows how to foil other people’s plans because he’s done that a few times before, and he knows how to protect Sora. That’s what he’s been doing since he was a kid. If Riku had failed to bring Sora awake, he would’ve lost everything. Try that for a “dirty job”. The fact that Riku plunged in, knowing he might not wake up if he fails, just to save Sora—that’s a true Keyblade Master. 

And to close, there’s a certain metaphorical value in Sora not being named Keyblade Master in the first place. A few, actually. 

1) How many remaining active, official Keyblade Masters do you see? None? Yeah, that’s exactly my point. Most Keyblade Masters are MIA or dead. It’s honestly not a good trend for Sora to be in

2) By remaining an unnamed Keyblade Wielder, Sora is not bound by duty or obligation. He’s actually doing all this good for the worlds not out of ‘my duty, my worlds’. Sora not being a Keyblade Wielder is really good for us because it means he belongs to his friends and fans, instead of Riku—who belongs to duty and service. 

So, yeah. 

Next time, don’t tag your character hate. 

P.S.: Riku breezed through his worlds, Sora had a lot of trouble talking back and telling the Xehanorts to get off his lawn. 

P.S.S.: Riku has always been depicted as sleeveless. Look. Since KH1. Not sure how you missed this one, either. The only game where his default clothes weren’t sleeveless were in Days, when he was in his black coat. 

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I’ve gotten some asks about DirkJake and my opinions on shipping it since I don’t ship DirkJane, and I’m gonna ball my answer into one big text post.  This is gonna be long, so I’ve put it under a cut, and it’s also gonna be personal.  If you want to respond, let’s keep things respectful, and okay, here we go.

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Okay can I talk about this for a sec? No? Tough, because I’m gonna go ahead and do it anyway. Because this little exchange was so indicative of their relationship that I wanted to die.

We already know that without the armor, Tony sees himself as nothing. “Iron Man yes, Tony Stark not recommended”, right? There’s more than a touch of bitterness when he throws that exchange back at Coulson in his first scene. We know about his issues with his father, we know about his drinking, we know that he watched a man sacrifice his life in a cave in the Middle East so that he, Tony, could live.

Steve doesn’t. And yet almost by accident, he finds Tony’s weak spot, sticks in a knife, and twists. Steve’s trying to shame him, trying to hold Tony accountable for actions that he, as a soldier, sees as reckless and irrresponsible— he’s already furious with Tony for needling Banner, which potentially endangered the lives of everyone on the ship (He can’t know, of course, that Tony recognises something in Banner, a control on his inner demons that he can only envy; Tony knows what it’s like to have a monster inside of him that he can barely contain) and Tony’s devil-may-care attitude is the final straw. Steve sees right through Tony in a way few people do; but not deep enough, no, because if he could fathom just how deep Tony’s scars go (and if he wasn’t being influenced by Loki’s sceptre, just behind him) he wouldn’t have said those things.

Because hey, Steve is lashing out here. You saw him in the gym; all that coiled rage, the flashbacks, the way he destroyed that punching bag. Steve’s in as much pain as Tony right now. Not that anyone’s interested. They just want him to put on the suit and be glad they won the war. Tony’s comments earlier about Steve being “not of use” made their mark. Steve already feels outdated and useless. Tony represents everything Steve doesn’t understand about the new century, everything he hates; he’s an unreliable jumble of technology, ego and pop culture references Steve doesn’t understand. Oh, and Tony used to make weapons. Big weapons. How d’you think Steve felt when someone filled him in on the advances in warfare that happened while he was asleep?

And Tony? He’s having his insecurities thrown back at him by a living legend, by the man his father admired above all others; a man Howard Stark spent years digging through the ice for when he should have been caring for his son. Steve is talking, but I’m pretty sure Tony’s hearing his father.

“The only thing you fight for is yourself. You’re not the guy to make the sacrifice play.”

Half of that sentence is true. Tony does fight for himself; he fights to redeem himself every day, not because of the body count his weapons have amassed (Natasha’s not the only one with red in her ledger) but because he doesn’t see himself as worthy of anything. Of the suit, of the few friends he has, of his money, of his life. He fights every day to prove to himself that he deserves to exist. And that is why he would make the sacrifice play. In a heartbeat. If he doesn’t deserve to be here, it’s only right he die for someone who does. And Steve just told him “yeah, you’re right, you don’t deserve to be here. I know guys worth ten of you, and they’re dead, and you’re alive.”

It’s awful, really, how much these two men are capable of hurting each other.

And yet. Underneath the barbs and the anger and the hurt, this exchange shows exactly why they work so well together.

“…to lay down on the wire and let the other guy crawl over you.”

“I think I would just cut the wire.”

“Always a way out.”

That. That right there. Tony is a master at thinking on his feet, at improvisation, at taking risks that tend to pay off. He’s brilliant, but volatile. And Steve is strategic, methodical, noble almost to a fault. Tony could come up with solutions Steve would never even dream of, and vice versa; when Tony spends time hacking into SHIELD’s servers, Steve investigates on foot. They are exact opposites, in personality and skill, and that’s why they’re the unofficial leaders of the Avengers. The differences that drive them apart in this scene are what’s going to make them unstoppable later on. Because they’re not half as good at anything as when they’re doing it next to each other.

It’s kind of amazing, how they can find each others’ weak points without actually understanding them, without even knowing each other.

When they’ve sorted their shit out, they’ll be incredible.