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i made a joke about this like five seconds after it happened but i haven’t drawn it until just now shame on me

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is this some kind of joke,

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Finished pre-reg

Met one of the Roxys from Fanime again. Back at the hotel.

Sunday is Homestuck meetup, so I’m definitely wearing Dirk at least part of the day. KHR fandom is small now, so I’m gonna wear it the day there isn’t a meetup for bigger fandoms. I’m not sure what day is best for Riku, though. Are Kingdom Hearts peeps meeting Friday or Saturday?

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I loved the design of this keyblade! I leave the profile creator 


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The little cousin - 1, me - 0

Jake and the Neverland Pirates is such bullshit why am I looking up wikia pages and hunting for all the episodes with the sword and tree and shit why am I looking for songs from this show to put on a KH fst what am I doing with my life.

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Roxas: *facepalm*

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SoRiku week day 6 featuring Xtreme AU

(thanks for the gentle prodding, dakt37)

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Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Vol. 4-5 & Kingdom Hearts II Vol. 3 Manga Release Dates!

Hopefully you all have caught up on your Kingdom Hearts manga backlog because the next batch of them will be on their way to a bookstore near you in the next few months! Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Volume 4 will finally release in the United States on October 28th 2014 & Volume 5 will release January 20th 2015.Kingdom Hearts II Volume 3 Omnibus which combines volumes 6 + 7 of original Japanese print will release on December 16th 2014, two weeks after Kingdom Hearts -HD 2.5 ReMIX- releases on the PlayStation 3 in North America and Europe.

Thanks to Taochan for the tip!

Don’t forget to pick up the previous volumes of the manga series & let Yen Press know you want to see the novels translated!

Follow us on TwitterFacebook, and Tumblr for all of the latest news on KINGDOM HEARTS 3 & Kingdom Hearts -HD 2.5 ReMIX-!

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soroku 37

Hey, here’s something from that ancient Chicago AU bunny I had years and years ago. Also, roughly half the cast are trans women.

Soroku, meeting in prison au

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