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#i want riku to be the one to find terra in kh3
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Finally put my old Xemnas mix on 8tracks: Nothing Man by Rikudera.

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My thoughts on the Foretellers theory in KH

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For those of you in North America who weren’t able to attend New York Comic Con and enter the contest to win a Sora or Roxas Play Arts Kai or would prefer not to import directly from Japan, we’ve got some good news for you! Rather than going all that way to acquire the figurines, how would you like it if they came directly to you instead?

According to the North American Square Enix shop, the Sora and Roxas Play Arts Kai are set to be released in December 2014 for $89.99!


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#sora doesn't even own a brush
#his mom tried but many a battalion of brushes and combs were defeated by Sora's hair
#Kairi has a few products she knows work nicely
#she's got the most hair accessories though
#riku will steal a hair tie or clip of Kairi's from time to time in exchange for Kairi using Riku's fancy shampoo for special occasions
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*snerk* Well, he can get it to look nice with effort, but he’s a perfectionist about it because the color makes it really visible. It’s going to be a statement no matter what he does with it, so he might as well own it. He was very specific in his instructions to Kairi when she cut his hair post-KH2, and he’s the one of the trio with the metric ton of hair products.

That time during Days/KH2 with his bangs was his version of a Beard of Sorrow.

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art by:  | yumiikyo

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today’s hilarious KH trivia fact


in the hour and a half of cutscenes during Riku’s side of Re:Chain of Memories, the word “darkness” is said 122 times





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also watching those videos keeps making me flashback to these videos instead

oh god I remember watching these when they came out D: