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If my heart was a house you'd be home♥
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if you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best

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this is just a general notice that if you haven’t read the the msscribe story or the cassandra clare plagiarism debacle on bad_penny, you are really missing out on the depths of the TRULY ridiculous in fandom history.

The msscribe story has to be the most awesomely entertaining wank report in the history of fandom EVER.  Like, I stopped reading wank reports after that because nothing will ever live up to that. 

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i have such a stupid weakness for fictional sunshine boys with big hearts who never give up hope

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ur a cutie and if anyone tells u otherwise let me know i will light them on fire

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I love how when fan-fiction writers have friends in the fandom, to demonstrate their friendship, they dedicate porn to one another.

I think that’s lovely.

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Sometimes you just want your OTP to be cute together.

Sometimes you just want your OTP to kiss.

Sometimes you just want your OTP to go through a hard time, but come out of it OK.

And then..

Sometimes you just want your OTP TO FUCK HARD.

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He’s like the Japanese voice actor equivalent of Tim Curry.
--- explaining Norio Wakamoto to my cousin