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Sorting Hogwarts: Charting a Deeper Meaning to the Four Houses


Part One: The Problem of A Single Sorting


Let us recognize on the outset is that The Harry Potter Narrative is just that—Harry’s school story. Harry is Sorted Gryffindor in the first book and aside from some Parseltongue drama in Chamber, his status is never really in doubt. Since it’s a boarding school story, the characters surrounding and upholding Harry are almost all exclusively those from within his House, Gryffindor. That’s where the first challenge to the Textual Sorting arises.

Rowling is a great writer of character when she sets out to sketch someone she wants to spend a great deal of time with. She wants you to care. So if all of her primary characters all acted and sounded alike, you’d get bored, REAL BORED, real quick. So there’s a diverse and abundant set of Gryffindor characters that travel with you from beginning to (in many cases, untimely) end. (RIP Remus Lupin. RIP Fred Weasley.). We’re told on the outset that Gryffindor means Courage (“Where dwell the brave at heart,/Their daring, nerve, and chivalry/Set Gryffindors apart;”) and so condition ourselves to interpret this diversity through that one lens.

The problem?

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lmao like the only time i EVER see hard disney fans even mention ghibli and miyazaki in comparison to disney films is in light of disney’s own mistakes and laziness like damn y’all need to calm down

lemme teach you a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ about stylistic choices in animation and sheer laziness

STYLISTIC choices is about having the full capability of creating characters separate from the previous protagonists while at the same time tying them to the studio that produced them.

And that’s not even scratching the surface.

Considering that a good portion of Ghibli’s library consists of LEAD FEMALE PROTAGONISTS who are usually very young, they need to find a set balance between recognizable and unique.

Ghibli was founded on traditional art and the studio still holds many of those values with it. This is of course including hand-drawn animation in which there is no single model, only the same character drawn over and over again. Is this about CGI vs traditional? No, both can and have provided beautiful films and scenes but it’s not about which one deserves more recognition. It’s about the methods used and how the choices for each one vary. I only bring up the animation methods because it’s part of the reason as to WHY these characters are so simplistic in design.

Still though, they need each lead character to stick to the Ghibli/Miyazaki style to a certain extent. They need to share certain qualities to make them fall in line with the rest of Ghibli’s library.

I mean, they have their differences but they’re obviously Ghibli characters so okay they all have relatively small eyebrows (though considering that they are Japanese that ties in with their ethnicity but OKAY moving on), they all have the eye highlight thing going on, and they all have very non-pronounced noses. I suppose yeah those are all the same. They do shift but those characteristics are roughly the same.

Still though, that isn’t a problem nor is it blatant same-facing. All LAIKA characters have skewed noses, all Dreamworks characters have thin noses, and all Aardman characters have bulgy eyes. Does that mean they’re same-facing? No. It means they’re sticking to stylistic choices to keep themselves separate from the competition.

Don Bluth MADE the choice to stick to a style closely resembling Disney. You know what happened? A whole generation grew up thinking that Anastasia and Thumbelina were both DISNEY films, not Bluth and Fox animation.

There’s a reason why studios tend to go for their own set style.

But hey! Want even more evidence that it’s a stylistic choice?


Save for Haku because he’s a fuckin’ dragon.

While gender is never really brought up in Ghibli films, masculinity and femininity are both neutral here, it’s safe to say that their designs and treatment are both equal. Ghibli isn’t out to make exclusively beautiful/handsome characters, they make them as simple as possible to keep them relatable and much more easier to manage.

The difference here is that Disney has always set out to make their MALES different while sticking their females to the same “doe eyed, small nose, thin lips” ideal. Yes, there is a set Disney style and it has always focused on those features and that necessarily isn’t a bad thing. It’s the Disney style. HOWEVER it seems to only apply to their females. Even worse is their marketing of said females.


The Disney style has shifted from time to time and it shows evidence that it CAN include more diverse female designs. Both Kida and Calhoun are wonderful examples of this. It’s not as if Disney hasn’t evolved or changed their views on female characters to a certain extent. Unfortunately, said shifts haven’t always worked out in our favor or headed in the right direction. It wasn’t until Tangled that Disney came out with it’s true “get richer quicker” scheme with their female leads.

watch as i shift into MAXIMUM PUNZEL-DRIVE

As of late it’s Disney’s sheer laziness when it comes to female design and their own avarice that has caused SUUUUCH a dramatic shift in how fans are taking the Disney style now. When Ghibli audiences and fans never look at a new movie and go “oh it’s Chihiro but tiny” or “oh it’s Chihiro but on a broom.” That is the set style, not a lazy copy-paste.

But hey, let’s bring in OTHER females to see how this works out. I mean, the Ghibli style is prevalent to ALL of their characters so surely they all the parents look exactly like their children.

Let’s look at these lovely lady leads and compare them to their parents.

Congrats, kids, you’re all adopted!

WEIRDLY ENOUGH all of the characters and their parents (if they have any) share same characteristics while at the same time remaining completely unique to each other. It’s almost as if they also take after their father and/or previous generations of their familly. Haha, genetics!

But okay, let’s be a little more fair with Disney.

Let’s look at two families with two daughters.

Mitosis or go home

There is having stylistic choices and there is being lazy.

There is creating a character with similarities to their parent and there is making a recolor of your lead character.

There is creating simple designs for a traditionally animated film and there is reusing the same model because it worked so well the first time.

There is being a small Tokyo-based studio with 300 employees and there is being a large American animation studio with 800+ employees.

THAT is why no one ever complains about Ghibli’s approach to character design and THAT is why Disney doesn’t even come close to Miyazaki.

Let’s finish this off with some MORE wonderful Ghibli characters (most of which being my personal favorites so they belong on here too.)

Now go watch more Ghibli.


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It’s interesting that Alternian culture still values monogamous matespritship and kismesissitude when their practical priorities are necessarily FIND SOMEONE TO BANG RIGHT NOW OR YOU DIE and most of the adults are part of a military fleet and probably have very little choice about where they go, when the go there, or who they go with. It seems like it would be common for forces to be reshuffled to a more efficient arrangement, and whoops! your quadrants are still alive, but they’re on another ship now, and you’ll never see them again.

This leads me into wondering about the purpose of death-by-drone for failure to contribute. Those are lives which could be productively expended expanding the empire or entertaining highbloods, so why throw them away like this? Is it that important to extort contributions from everyone? Why? Is the species undergoing some sort of genetic crisis?

And then I wander into wondering about how crazy the Condesce was, while ruling Alternia. I’m sure after hundreds of sweeps alone on a dead flagship and who knows how much longer with Lord English, the Batterwitch is not sane. Earlier? I don’t know.

I figured the kids made their contributions before Ascension, though, and then maybe not at all afterwards, so the drones only had to function on-planet.

But ok one thing I find interesting is how many fics assume the Alternian military would have to function like the modern human military—when Alternians have thousands of years of technological development on us plus a significantly different social structure and value system. So it’s the general assumption that once the kids get drafted they’ll be divided up randomly and shipped off wherever their talents might lie in squadrons and ships full of strangers, right? But Earth military functions like that because we figure people will just make new friends, and romance doesn’t even factor into it.

While human tribes and villages and clans would all obviously field warriors that all knew each other and were related, most organized, imperialistic militaries through human history didn’t have any focus on keeping together friends or even family, much less lovers. Also like we have only just this last century really had actual computers to keep track of personel assignments, much less make any suggestions about who might be best suited to work with who. I think a lot of that kind of calculation is still done by people? And enlisted men are really expected to make friends wherever they’re assigned to. Whatever bonds they had before the military are, by necessity, irrelevant. 

But Alternians have biotechnology that breeds bats to keep track of LARP scores, so computational power isn’t a factor here, and they absolutely value romance, and they have four times as many bonds to value, so they’d have the motive to write programs to keep track of who’s with who. I think it’d be totally possible, even plausible, for trolls to sort new conscripts by friendgroup and relationship status, or even for young trolls to build their own battleships with their friends and partners and show up to the front with a squadron already composed. Why not? Maybe every ship has a crew of friends and enemies who all chose their own careers with an eye towards what their future ship might need from them. Maybe that’s where the Alternian word for ‘shipping’ comes from: because ships actually ship out together. That’d be really fun. 

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Theorizing Page of Heart


Your analysis of Homestuck Roles is so great! What do you think a Page of Heart would do?

Heart is the Aspect of “The Self” and “Uniqueness”, and I read Pages as "Serving"(2nd para) their Aspect passively, so what might that look like?

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Wow, this is so great, thank you for your theorizing. The adoption crisis/ectobiology angle is one I hadn’t considered but would make for a really great fic :P I like the idea of them helping bring everyone together, too :)

The length and (often) extremes of the Page journey are endlessly fascinating to me. To start out with basically nothing (a person of guy, as Dave might put it) and end up with such a widespread power that can affect everyone is actually /really cool/.

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Every time I come across somebody breezily saying Tavros is going to become abusive/turn into Vriska, I get super freaked out. It doesn’t matter if they came to that conclusion due to bullshit stereotypes or tortured meta logic, it’s REALLY FUCKING UPSETTING.


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I made a post Friday night-ish asking what I should talk about, and pentagon-sama asked for Rose Lalonde. I agree that every time is a good time to talk about Rose — even if it takes me a while.

So, Rose. I often feel…

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Theorizing Mage of Blood


My dearest, handsome snake theorist! What could you tell us about a Mage of Blood?

Under my read of the Class, a Mage of Blood would be one who “Acts upon Blood with/through Knowledge of Blood, Acts upon themselves with/through Knowledge of Blood, and acts with the benefit of Knowledge of Blood, and the benefit of Blood itself through their Knowledge of it.” So what might that cover?

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Theorizing Witch of Mind


What would a Witch of Mind be capable of? What are some of her facets?

Sorry for taking so long to get to this anon :/ My fast-and-easy description of what a Witch does is “One who changes the parameters of their Aspect, and changes how their Aspect relates to objects and entities, and vice versa(and potentially, changes how things and people relate through their Aspect)”. So, a Witch of Mind would change the parameters of Mind, change how Mind relates to objects and objects to Mind, change how Mind relates to people and people to Mind, and maybe change how people relate to each other through Mind.

What might that mean?

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Reasons I Love Sirius Black


This is small version of the novel-length in-depth post I shall someday undoubtedly write. It’s one part love, one part headcanon, and one part stringent defense.

  • He came from an aristocratic pureblood family with centuries of deep-rooted prejudice who enjoyed killing,…
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a man wrote an article about this mysterious new Fan Fiction craze, and oh boy did we all learn a lot from it.

Here is the link, if anyone wants to read the whole thing and you wiLL NoT BE DISSAPOInTED


even better than reading the article is reading how carefully, concisely, respectfully and perfectly it is ripped apart in the comments.