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Finally awake?


Nah. Maybe this is falling asleep. Soon enough we won’t even be able to talk conciousness-to-consciousness like this.

I’m going back… back to my original form, aren’t I.

I’ve always wondered. Naminé said it, too. Roxas… you have a heart, don’t you? And, I wonder… do people like Naminé and me… really not have hearts?

I… I don’t know, either.

I guess you wouldn’t…

But I’ve started thinking, maybe the heart isn’t something you can see, but something you feel. If that’s true, then… Nah. I’ll leave it there.

Huh? Why right at the important part?

Sora will find the answer. He’s… me, after all.

I guess you’re right.

Doesn’t this take you back? Still got it memorised? When we first met, the day you got a new name, we watched the sunset from here just like this. 

Yeah. This is my hometown. Hayner, Pence, Olette… I wonder how they’re doing.

You should go see them again. While you’re looking for that answer, I mean.

Yeah. Which means I gotta go soon. Sora’s waiting.

Ah. I guess you’re right. This ice cream’s so freakin salty…

See you later, Axel.

See you later, partner.

Hey, KH fandom!

My friend Sam (bulletcourier) is the wonderful author of so many of the Kingdom Hearts translations we all take for granted. If you’ve ever read any of the Kingdom Hearts novels or manga, watched a brand new Japanese trailer, or enjoyed scenes from the games and final mixes that we haven’t gotten here yet, you’ve probably enjoyed her work.

You may have followed Sam’s work for years, via her livejournal, or her contributions to heartstation.org, khinsider.com, and kh13.com. You may have sat on the edge of your seat waiting for her translations of the brand new Jump Festa trailer. Or maybe you’ve stumbled across her work on tumblr, via That One Series of Posts from predatoraxel, or a gif set of an Axel and Roxas Final Mix scene or the latest Dream Drop Distance photoset on your dash. You may have even used her translations for your own graphics without even realizing.

We usually remember to credit artists, but nobody thinks to credit the wonderful people who invest a ton of time and effort into making scenes like the one shown here accessible to the rest of the world. It’s so much more than translating; it’s searching for the perfect words to portray all of those little nuances we know and love so well.

Sam’s been sharing the joy of Kingdom Hearts with us for years now. Please spread the word and show her just how much we all appreciate her work.

Thank you, Sam. ♥

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A question about the Birth By Sleep timeline.

Terra is the first to visit Destiny Islands, and his visit ends with Riku and Sora getting into a boat back to the mainland. Aqua visits Destiny Islands after Terra’s already left, but Riku and Sora are playing on the island again. Does this mean Aqua arrived the day after Terra? The timeline in the game gives us the order of events, but only in general. Anyone have some info/inferences that could give some greater detail?

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And Zack was in it therefore your argument is invalid as it is :P 

…are you shitting me.